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Chaiyaboon-Resolute-web-bannerPlastisol screen printing inks have come under some scrutiny recently. Resolute has decided to import and sell the CBG range of screen printing consumables including a PVC/phthalate free plastisol range.

The super green plastisol and water-based inks are complemented by a full range of colours with two versions of emulsion. These will soon be available at very competitive prices on A good question would be? Why is a DTG company now supplying screen inks. The new hybrid for the R-Jet 5 and future models all use either a water-based or PVC free plastisol white ink to generate the under base. It made perfect sense at this point to supply the entire CBG range of water based and plastisol as most hybrid users will already be experienced screen printers.

Tried and tested the CBG products are high quality and manufactured in Bangkok, Thailand. Working with the Chaiyaboon brothers has allowed Resolute to design a unique ink for DTG hybrid printing while supplying a complete range of white and colours in both water-based and plastisol.

The soon to be released R-Jet L.A. II hybrid printer with a print area of 500x600mm also doubles up as a computer to screen device. It uses your existing frames and mesh to make the under base screen and any special colours like fluorescents and metallics. Bundled with the Resolute Hybrid RIP written by CADlink the system will handle the white under base, spot colours and the CMYK DTG element automatically including halftones. This automated system is designed for use with print runs from 10 to 200 needing only one screen to be made for a full colour print job onto dark shirts.

Due to launch in October the L.A. II hybrid enters the market at under £10,000 for a complete solution including software, installation and training. Coupled with a unique range of consumables including a plastisol DTG range the R-Jet L.A. II is sure to change the way many print darks in short to medium run lengths.

If your business offers personalisation Resolute can help, from printed T shirts to printed bottles and now confectionery and food, Resolute offers the full package with great prices.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information – The Resolute Team.

Click here to see a short video of the MVP UV printer in action.
Click here to see a short video of the R-Jet 5 textile printer in action.
Click here and take a look at this short trailer showing briefly what the TastyJet 3 can do.

For further details on the new range of screen supplied, TastyJet, R-Jet 5 textile printer, the new MVP UV range or Resolute’s food printing equipment and specialist inks please contact :-

Resolute DTG Ltd
Unit 2, Turnoaks Lane, Chesterfield S40 2HA
Tel: 01246 202686

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