It’s all about the style


The printwear market has come a long way in the last few years. From a sector that once saw very little change style-wise from year to year, to one that was chasing the tail end of retail trends to its current position of being able to offer customers garments that echo and often mirror what we’re seeing on the street and in traditional retail.

The new breed of customer; the online retailers and independent own-labels are seeking modern, street-credible and relevant bases for their design ideas. While there is, and will continue to be, an enormous requirement for styles that just don’t change and offer consistency year after year after year, it would be foolish to underestimate the extent of the need for the new.

Mantis doesn’t do fast fashion; its place isn’t in the design and supply of garments that will be worn once or twice then discarded due to poor quality or because the styling was based on a one-season wonder. The team aims to provide customers with well developed, well considered shapes that are retail-ready. It’s all about the style – and not the fashionability. The new introductions to the Mantis Originals range exemplify their modern approach; the Men’s Long Length T and Women’s Crop Vest are both very strong and current shapes – but they’re both going to be around for a while.

With much of retail also having an eco-action plan and cottoning onto sustainable fibres, it’s also good to know that Mantis World has a commitment to increasing its use of the same. Indeed, the vast majority of its 2017 new styles use organic cotton as a base. And, with tear-off labels as standard now, its range is indeed ready-to-go retail wise.

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