It’s about the needle and thread

schmetz-needles-1Did you know that ETC Supplies is trained by Schmetz Needles to provide full support to customers who purchase embroidery needles?

The company’s product knowledge and stock holding is better than any other supplier. It can provide advice on what needle system to use on different machines, the correct needle point, not just a ball point and the correct size.

Customers are often kept in the dark about needle information. ETC Supplies is happy to provide its customers with full product training. The company has even produced a free needle selector guide that helps customers select the correct needle type.

Here are a few tips:

Industrial machine needles – all round shank

New machines use system: DBxK5

Older machines use system: WHK287

Ball points are available in:

  • RG – Regular Ball Point
  • SUK – Medium Ball Point
  • SES – Light Ball Point
  • SPI – Acute Ball Point
  • SD1 – Ball point with a pyramid shape tip on 10% of the needle tip surface
Fabric Point Size NM
Knitwear / jersey SUK 65 – 90 9 – 14
Fine knitwear SES 65 – 80 9 – 12
Woven fabrics SUK 65 – 100 9 – 16
Denim SUK 80 – 100 12 – 16
Terry towelling SUK 70 – 100 10 -16
Densely woven material/ microfibres RG 65 – 80 9 – 12
Silk SPI 65 – 80 9 12
Coated reinforced materials SUK 65 – 80 9 – 12
Patent materials/ imitation leather/ fine leather goods SUK 70 – 90 10 – 14
Caps/ bags/ heavy workwear SD1 80 – 90 12 -1 4

Domestic machine needles – One side flat on the shank

System: 130/705

  • H-E – Embroidery ball point – Light ball point, wide eye and groove
  • Universal – Slightly rounded point
  • Metallic – Elongated Eye – The elongated eye prevents shredding and breaking of metallic threads
  • Sharp – General sewing of silks, microfibers, filled material, button holes etc.
  • Double Eye – Universal needle with two eyes that can take two threads

Premium Embroidery Thread

ETC Supplies has recently launched the new Premium Embroidery Thread. This thread is available in rayon and polyester.

The thread is manufactured from the similar type of fibres that other leading brands use. The threads have a high tensile strength with superior elongation and can be run on high tensions/speeds.

These threads have been tested by a wide range of embroidery customers with feedback stating that it performs identically and in some cases even better than what they use.

Available in the most popular colours and a colour matching service is also available for customers. It is sold in 5,000 metre cones and 1,000 metre cops.

The Premium Embroidery Threads are available at prices that are half the price of comparable big brands.

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