It has never been easier

Making your personalisation projects the best they can be

Digital printing and garment transfer has never been easier thanks to products such as the Roland BN-20 and TrueVIS Series of print and cut machines, combined with Siser digital heat transfer products.

Grafityp UK stocks both Siser digital heat transfer vinyl and a range of Roland print and cut machines. You can use these products to create stunning designs across a wide range of garments from cotton, polyester, poly/cotton, nylon, silk to technical fabrics etc.

Siser has many years of manufacturing expertise and innovation offering only the best quality materials in its comprehensive range of digital printing films. The C-Print Hi-5 film is used on fabrics that require a low-temperature application and only five seconds of pressing time which helps to avoid unnecessary scorch marks.

There are many other products Grafityp offers such as C-Print Ink-Block PU LT which prevents the dyes bleeding through from sublimated garments.

C-Print PU+ film is Grafityp’s most popular product which has incredible stretch and rebound properties, which is available in satin and matt finishes. C-Print PU Extra is a superb choice for difficult fabrics such as nylon as the glue sits on the surface to create a strong bond. These are just a few of the many products we have available.

All the above materials benefit from fast-drying properties which means shorter waiting times for application on to garments.

Working with Siser products will help to make all your decoration jobs and personalisation projects the very best they can be.

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