Introducing Cool White 7022 Ink

Cool White 7022 is the latest ink from ICC

International Coatings is proud to introduce its new Cool White 7022 screen printing ink. As part of the FlexCure product group, Cool White 7022  offers a ‘flexible’ curing range, from a low 275°F (135°C) to a standard 325°F (163°C).

With Cool White 7022, ICC has achieved its goal of developing a breakthrough versatile ink that offers superior performance on a wide variety of substrates – from cotton to 100% polyester and other synthetics. Cool White 7022 is a low-cure, low-bleed ink that is creamy, fast flashing and opaque. It prints equally well on automatic as well as manual presses, and the resulting prints are soft, supple and offer a natural drape. Cool White can be used on hard-to-print synthetic fabrics such as nylon bags, non-woven polypropylene, and polyester sheathing.

Even when cured at low temperatures,Cool White 7022 prints are stretchy, don’t crack or exude any oily residues, and maintain their durability through multiple washes.

Cool White 7022, with its ‘flexible’ curing range, is compatible with International Coatings’ standard cure plastisol inks, including specialty and special effects inks.

Cool White 7022 is available through International Coatings’ network of distributors.

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