Ink Throwers is M&R’s latest screen printer success story

The inside of M&R’s operation
The inside of M&R’s operation

The latest screen printer success story in M&R’s video series on the subject is Ink Throwers – a company which has grown rapidly during a 12-year period.

Tom Butler, founder and president of Ink Throwers, started his company in 2004 with two Challenger automatics and a hand sample machine. In 2015, Tom brought his five operations under one roof, moving Ink Throwers to a new 200,000sq ft facility just south of the San Diego/Tijuana border. ”

He said: “Today we have 20 carousels, two belt machines eight neck label machines, along with a dye house. And we do hand dyeing, burnouts, treatments, and every type of specialty blank you can think of.”

Ink Throwers is certified with major licensors like Disney, Levis, and Marvel Comics, and the company focuses on printing for mass-volume stores, including Target, Walmart, Nordstrom’s, Sears, Macy’s, and JC Penny.

Mr Butler added: “One of the deciding factors in getting big is partnering with the customers. When they have a need for me to produce more on a weekly basis or a monthly basis, they make a commitment to me that they’ll divert that amount of workload to me, which then allows me to have the confidence to go to somebody like M&R and request more equipment.

“Everything in my company is M&R because I know it holds the highest standards, the best productivity, and the best registration. We’re pretty much making our workhorse the Challenger III because that one machine can do everything from a one colour to an eighteen colour, and it’s been the driving force behind our success and our business.”

Within a year Mr Butler plans to go as green as possible by processing all laundry department water from in their water treatment plant so that it can be reused. He also plans to add more automated equipment to his finishing department.

Mr Butler’s career in screen printing began in 1983. After high school, he learned how to print on a manual screen printing press. Later, he installed and repaired equipment in Southern California before managing large garment decorating operations in the US and Mexico.

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