Increased sales for SWF

yes_swf_imageYour Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) is seeing big increases in sales of embroidery machines since the launch of the SWF K Dual Function series. SWF is already recognised as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of embroidery machines and this model has really raised the bar to a new level.

One of the recent recipients was Ireland based Magik Moments which recently took delivery of a six head Dual Function machine.

One of the key things that make this machine so successful is the flexibility it gives by being able to embroider two different designs and/or products at the same time. Add into this mix the high speed function and the production figures are truly amazing. Magik Moments is just one of many companies to benefit from the unique technological advancements that are the trademark of this manufacturer yet, even with a machine of the class of the K series, the technicians at SWF are still not satisfied. To demonstrate this SWF has recently launched the KN Series machines which may look like the K series but is an all new model that includes an HD colour touchscreen and a new user-friendly interface based on customer feedback. With this model SWF has also reduced the time taken in machine slowdown for colour-change and trimming increasing its productivity even more and there are many other new features making this a ‘must have’ machine. Apart from progressing the technology of the embroidery machine range SWF has also recently been undergoing some changes at their factory resulting in an updated production line that will be able to keep up with the increased demand that is being seen worldwide.

A spokesman for YES Ltd said: “Sales were good leading up to the recent Printwear & Promotion LIVE! but, since then, they have increased at quite a rate and, with the new KN series coming online, we are expecting them to increase even further. Thankfully SWF has pre-empted any delivery problems by upgrading their production line. This is, to say the least, a very exciting time for us.”

Both the K and the KN series machines are setting new standards in quality, flexibility and productivity and, with their investment in production capacity, SWF has put itself in a good position to satisfy the growing demand for this style of machine.

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