In the beginning, there was artwork…

Split tape
Split tape

If you want a good print, you need good artwork. It doesn’t matter what printing technique you use, this step is crucial. Screen printing often tends to require big, bold prints so it is essential that those large areas are dense enough to stop light going through and causing problems with the screen later on. So how do you achieve optimal artwork?

Dalesway Print Technology offers you a full set of tools to create excellent artwork, whatever your industry. One of the key components is a good quality RIP. A RIP allows you to use an inexpensive inkjet printer to create film of imagesetter quality. The FilmMaker RIP is a new printer driver that helps you to get the very best out of such a printer.

In addition to the FilmMaker RIP, Dalesway also supplies the Blacquer ink system and films required to create excellent artwork.

Want to minimise cleaning-up time? Dalesway offers handy products like split line tape and pallet protection tape. If you are still using brown packaging tape on your screens, you will revolutionise your prepress and post-press with the addition of just these two tapes.

Dalesway produces regular videos to help you in your screen printing shop, so subscribe at YouTube today.

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