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20 corporate shirts for men and women
20 corporate shirts for men and women

Clothes make the person. We instinctively tend to trust those who are well-groomed more than those who are not. But good looks can also work the other way around, once we feel attractive, we feel confident and in control too.

To get that confidence, there are a lot of details to get right when you wear a shirt. B&C has integrated them all in the B&C-The Shirt Culture collection: 20 well-crafted and well–balanced corporate shirts for men and women, in long sleeve and short sleeve versions.

A shirt is in direct contact with the skin for more than eight hours every day; this is why B&C doesn’t compromise on quality. B&C has meticulously and carefully selected five fabrics to support the creation of highly qualitative and contemporary shirts. B&C’s unique objective is to ‘enhance wearer self-confidence’ triggered by perfect appearance, comfort and everyday ease of care. Timeless and consistent, B&C-The Shirt Culture encompasses five inspired sets of shirts and five types of comfortable fabric weaves. Each inspiration is presented in Duo Concept, with genuine and redefined men’s codes for him and a feminine translation of these for her. Each style is available in short-sleeved and long-sleeved versions. That makes a total of 20 bright new shirts reshaping the corporate wear standards.

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