Improve quality and production

Melco EMT16 Plus

The Melco EMT16 Plus modular embroidery machine has features that will benefit your business in regard to technology, efficiency and increased production. It’s a multi-head with a difference, it can be configured to adjust to your production input. With Melco, there is no need to have any embroidery heads standing idle, just quickly configure to your requirements. Remember that heads that are idle, cost you money and lost production.

Amaya also offers a range of accessories that help improve quality and production. The latest product produced by Melco is the Melco Fast Frame. This is used for embroidering on difficult products and area’s like, football boots, shoes, straps, bags etc. The Melco Fast Frame is fully adjustable to cope with multiple tasks.

The Hoopmaster framing system is a must if you want consistently accurate framing and with the correct tension. The Hoopmaster is compatible with all makes of embroidery machine so when ordering please state the exact make and model of machine. The Hoopmaster company also manufactures the Mighty hoop which is uses magnetism to hold the two parts of the frames together. This is especially useful on larger garments and jackets but works just as well with smaller items. With these frames you don’t have to apply pressure when framing, they just fall into place.

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