Impress your clients with a full bespoke service

Low MOQs
Low MOQs

Advance Apparel has just secured the licence to produce goods for Cambridge University and is just putting the finishing touches to the ranges for final approval for them this month. This puts the company in the unique position of working with two of the oldest and most prestigious brands and iconic names in the market place.

Advance Apparel has held the licence for Oxford University for a couple of years now and continues to go from strength to strength with the range.

Owning its own WRAP certified factory gives Advance Apparel a flexibility to support individual retailers to get their own bespoke designs so that they are a little different from the other Oxford retailers and can keep with trending styles throughout the year. The brand has grown significantly in the two years and clients have been impressed with Advance Apparel’s quality and reliability, working closely to meet deadlines and budgets.

If two of the oldest iconic brands in England trust Advance Apparel, why not give the team a call and see how they can help you to impress your clients with a full bespoke service delivered straight to you with no customs and delivery hassle. Low MOQs, fantastic prices and a quality hard to equal.

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