The importance of technical clothes for sport

Athletic (PA0493)
Athletic (PA0493)

When playing sport we have to pay attention to certain things among which is the use of appropriate technical clothing. Using tights, pants and T shirts that are breathable guarantees greater comfort. Roly is a leading company in this sector, with a variety of products featuring new technologies.

Roly has exclusive models for any sport. If you do aerobic sports such as running or crossfit, you must choose pants of all kinds, short, long, like Leire, Box or Carla  and use fitted T shirts, vests  or swim style back, as Shura, Shara, as well as short sleeve woman Montecarlo.

For men the pants Athletic, shorts as Player, Milan, etc are basics. In technical T shirts designed for men, Roly has the André, Camimera, Montecarlo, Sepang etc. And if the preference is to feel comfortable in a tracksuit, Roly has models for both men and women, Denver, Minerva, etc.

Finally, we cannot ignore football for which Roly has a specific collection with sport sets Premier, Salas, etc, also available in children’s sizes.

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