Implementing the best possible solutions

 3D foam
3D foam

At a time when it seems that prices are rising and quality is declining, EmbroideryBadge.UK stands out from its competitors. The company has the experience and the knowledge to guarantee success in embroidery badges, having been in the industry for more than 30 years.

EmbroideryBadge.UK used the best quality materials, threads and glues, giving customers confidence when ordering.

In 2016 alone EmbroideryBadge.UK has met face to face in order gauge their requirements and discover what frustrations they have faced in the past with other suppliers, allowing implementation of the best possible solutions.

Chetan Chandarana, MD of EmbroideryBadge.UK, said: “A lot of our customers had concerns because they had previously dealt with companies that either had communication problems, or they had used a reseller agent who lacked knowledge or experience.

“Our proven fast delivery and qualified management makes it possible for companies to convert more and more orders into badges. The process was previously hampered by long delays in delivery times.”

For example, one customer selling sports kits, now takes advantage by stocking a few hundred badges so they can fill orders quickly.

Combination badge of woven and embroidery to emphasise small detail
Combination badge of woven and embroidery to emphasise small detail

Another EmbroideryBadge.UK client is an official Ministry of Defence supplier, as well as the preferred supplier to the headquarters of an air cadet organisation. A spokesperson said: “Military logos are complicated and intricate, and the military has very high standards. EmbroideryBadge.UK is able to provide the tools to measure up to those standards and help us not only retain customers, but gain other customers through their recommendations.

“We have recently begun using Embroidery Badges UK (EmbroideryBadge.UK’s specialised badge service) as well, and have had amazing results.”

Unlike the company’s competitors, EmbroideryBadge.UK is committed to not raising prices in the near future. EmbroideryBadge.UK has tightened its belts and is working extra hours to make this commitment possible.

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