Imagination and inventiveness are the key

PU leather promotional goods

Promotional products are still a great avenue for promoting awareness of a brand, and are as popular as ever. There are several great suppliers of promotional goods, along with a multitude of options for products, but the standard mug is still one of the most ubiquitous for getting a message across – these relatively inexpensive items provide immediate impact when printed with dye sublimation, and are typically kept around for years due to their inherently practical nature.

Producing these items in-house can be of tremendous benefit, offering the ability to offer accurate samples, short runs and cutting out lead times from suppliers. With this in mind, Nova Chrome offers a range of mug printing systems that can be purchased for a relatively small outlay.

Of course, other promotional goods can be produced by incorporating a flat-bed heat press, opening the door to other popular products such as the company’s new range of competitively priced PU leather keyrings, coasters and keyrings – imagination and inventiveness is the key factor here.

Nova Chrome’s range of printable products also includes items like tote bags, which are another popular choice for branding owing to their highly practical nature. Available in a few variations, the range offers lower cost versions – suitable for occasions where the item will be kept for a short time. Alternatively, higher quality bags are also offered for those who desire a premium product.

A full range of consumables are also available from the firm, including Sawgrass’ SubliJet-UHD inks, S-Race sublimation paper by Felix Schoeller as well as other useful consumable items.

More information on these products can be found on Nova Chrome’s website, along with details of new products for autumn/ winter 2021.

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