ICC releases 30% brighter glow-in-the-dark ink

See the difference

International Coatings has released its improved Glow in-the-Dark 108 ink. This ink produces a bright, greenish glow when exposed to light and viewed in a darkened area.

Mark Brouillard, International Coatings’ product manager, said: “Our new formulation increases the glow strength of Glow in-the-Dark 108 by about 30%. The longevity and intensity of the glow has also been greatly improved.”

Glow in-the-Dark 108 offers a vibrant phosphorescent glow that draws attention in any nighttime or darkened setting. It can be used as a stand-alone ink or in conjunction with other inks to create an intense glow effect.

Incorporating Glow in-the-Dark 108 to any artwork and design is an effective way to add focus and interest to a print. Its vibrant phosphorescent nature draws attention in a darkened or nighttime setting. Glow in the Dark is an excellent product for seasonal prints as well as for party or special occasion designs.

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