ICC introduces Axeon Non-PVC Crystal Clear Gel Gloss 1807

Jimi Hendrix art reproduced by permission from David Edward Byrd

International Coatings has added Axeon Non-PVC Crystal Clear Gel Gloss 1807 to its products range.

Axeon Crystal Clear Gel Gloss is colourless and very clear in appearance, and has a wet look when printed on top of flashed Axeon or other acrysol and plastisol inks. It is easy to print and works equally well on automatic and manual printers.

Crystal Clear Gel Gloss can be used as an over-print coat to create highly desirable clear, glossy designs – ideal for adding dimension, accents, and interest to prints. It can also be used as a clear carrier and adhesive for PVC or glass caviar beads.

Axeon Non-PVC inks are ground breaking in that they can be printed just like regular plastisol inks and are a great alternative to harder-to-print water-base inks.

Axeon Crystal Clear Gel Gloss 1807 is available through International Coatings’ exclusive network of distributor companies.

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