HP and Perfect Colours lead the eco-revolution with new Recycled Satin Canvas

Recycled Satin Canvas

HP is at the forefront of the effort to reduce the millions of tons of plastic entering oceans each year and so this has led to the creation of a new product in the form of HP Recycled Satin Canvas, a printable canvas made from 100% recycled water bottles retrieved from the ocean during organised clean-ups.

Crucially, HP Recycled Satin Canvas is entirely compliant with the REACH European Commission standard for the protection of human health and the environment, making it eligible for return through the HP Large-Format Media take-back programme. It offers a more eco-conscious media solution for printers around the world and, for customers in the UK, approved HP reseller Perfect Colours has recently set up a new website dedicated to the product.

Jason Burroughs, managing director of Perfect Colours, said: “We are passionate about our environment and want to ensure products such as these, no matter who creates them, are marketed to help promote a better tomorrow.

“Rarely does such a truly ground-breaking product come along. This new media, made from raw materials reclaimed from the ocean, is certainly in line with our environmental goals as a business. The product is unique. As such, we’ve created a bespoke website to give our customers the opportunity to learn more about it – and purchase it – online.”

HP Recycled Satin Canvas is lower priced than most like-for-like media, offering printers cost savings in addition to environmental benefits. Also, while the new canvas does not feature any coatings, which can often be costly and potentially harmful to the environment, it does have a professional textured satin finish for extremely high print quality.

A durable media that resists edge cracking when stretched, the canvas produces outstanding image quality and precise colours on a bright white, slightly textured, satin-finish canvas, and is suitable for print applications such as photo enlargements, reproductions and retail, corporate and hospitality décor.

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