How to make the most of exhibiting at a trade show

24280868459_0ff7c2e3a0_zIt’s the season where trade shows are being attended in their masses and for most it can pose a huge opportunity to impress prospective suppliers, customers and partners. So, how can you make the most of exhibiting at a trade show? Read on to find out!

 Make your stand irresistible

The best way to get noticed is to ensure that your booth is the most impressive of its kind. There are many different ways to make this the case – well designed, branded banners, props and of course, prototypes of your products where applicable.

According to Michelle Goodman, there are some examples where people have gone without a working example of their product and the interest in their stall has been non-existent but by making some simple changes, the interest has soared and achieved masses of success.

What this shows is people want to be enticed; without a hook, you may as well not be there. Stand out from your competition with an interesting stall and people will flock.

 Provide takeaways for visitors

Advice can only go so far, so be on stand by with some great giveaways. A goody bag – regardless of age or business status – is something that people will remember you by. Including promotional gifts such as memo pads, pens or even phone chargers, keeps your name fresh and means you reap the rewards following the event.

Of course, you can go bigger and offer a competition for those that visit your stand – this is also a great way to collect future marketing data such as email addresses and telephone numbers which you can use after the event to contact the winner, and entrants that didn’t win, in order to promote your business further.

Speak, don’t sell

When visitors do approach your stand, don’t give the hard sell. Whether you’re running it alone or you have staff members or friends with you, inform them to be personable and take an interest, this will go a long way with prospective clients. This article from Stephen Key gives advice to attendees and many people are advised to wait for you to approach, but do this professionally and friendly.

Although you only have a short time to wow a visitor, take the time to get to know them and find out their needs and interests and how that relates to your products. This shows you care about a customer, rather than just what’s in their bank account.

The need to network

Take the opportunity to network with other stand owners and those within the rest of the event – you never know what opportunities it could lead to. Although you’re there to showcase your products or services, it doesn’t mean that you can’t see what else is occurring elsewhere in the event.

However, don’t leave your stand unattended or without cover that you’re confident will offer as much as you can – you never know when the ideal customer may come by. Review what stands are available and pick out those you want to know more about rather than roaming aimlessly around an event.

There are many ways you make more of an exhibition but the main thing is to show the very best of your products, services and brand.

Be unforgettable for all of the right reasons.

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