How much to print a T shirt?

One of the biggest advantages of direct to garment printing is the flexibility. Does it really matter whether it is one colour or full colour? No not really. Does it matter how big the order is? Here again, no not really.

The truth is that the cost per print is virtually the same whether you are printing one shirt or one hundred or, that was the case. Since the introduction of the DTG Digital M2, and other models in the M series, the cost per print has dropped. Why? Because these machines can print two T shirts at the same time.

The available print area on even the smallest model allows you to mount two separate platens on the machine. The same print head then spans the two platens resolving the same print on both shirts. While the print time will be fractionally longer than a single platen printer, the overall effect is that you get two shirts for the price of one. You also get two shirts faster on one machine that over two independent single platen machines giving you an extra saving on your investment.

But what about quality you may ask? The truth is that this is not compromised in any way. The print resolution is the same. The only reason that productivity goes up is because the machine can print more than one shirt at a time. Actually, you can speed things up even more if you want to because DTG Digital machines can print at a lower resolution without the obvious drop in quality. This is because they use iQ Interweave an ingenious system that lays the dots down in a way that avoids banding at lower resolutions.

But we digress, let’s get back to the advantages of printing with the M Series. Let’s look at a print that is 360mm wide by 230mm high and is full colour. The time to print this image is about five minutes 30 seconds and that will be the case on most machines even the M2. The difference is that on the other machines you will have produced one print while, on the M2, you will have produced two.

If the success of your business is dependent on direct to garment printing then you need to look at the DTG Digital M2 otherwise you will just be doing what your competition does, printing one shirt at a time when you could be printing two. Just think of the figures surrounding a 100 piece order. Your competition will take 100 runs whilst you will only take 50 so, while they are still printing, you are on to the next order.

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