How garment decorators can use the custom product platform

The garment decoration industry is seeing how moving to an on demand model for smaller orders and one-offs is becoming a very lucrative market and the machine manufacturers are building the machines to enable this. 500 orders of one-off T shirts are far more profitable that one order of 500 with the same design on, the only stumbling block has been the process to route the orders and artwork to the machinery.

Custom Gateway’s Custom Product Platform has been enabling the artwork delivery and workflow solutions for the personalisation and mass customisation markets for several years. Following the ongoing development of several key partnerships, this has now made the processes needed to maximise production and simplify operator’s routines a reality for the garment decoration market.

Orders for personalised or print on demand T shirts for example can now have artwork uploaded by website customers prepared for printing with all of the parameters needed for the machines used, with one click on a bar code scanner. For embroidered items, the same system can generate EMB or DST files and once checked as part of any embroiderers standard quality control procedure dropped into the relevant hot folder for the embroidery machine.

The whole system will allow a fully barcoded workflow system to maximise the production capabilities for any size garment decorator.

Check out Custom Gateway’s webinar titled ‘How Garment Decorators can use our Custom Product Platform’ for more information.

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