Highly popular and cost effective

SunAngel is rapidly expanding
SunAngel is rapidly expanding

With its low cost systems and the ability to produce colours and whites on dark garments, SunAngel is increasingly proving itself to be a highly popular and cost effective alternative to the limited number of more traditional products currently available on the market.

Over the past two years, users have responded with enthusiasm to SunAngel’s invitation:

“Get started for less than £400 – you can be producing high quality, vivid white prints on dark garments for very little outlay – impress your customers and thrill your accountant!”

SunAngel recently saw great success at Printwear and Promotion LIVE!, with visitors excited by the simple and cost effective system and amazed at the ease of producing vivid and professional looking results. Seeing really was believing – there were demonstrations running almost continuously for the duration of the show, with many visitors ordering systems on the spot.

The innovative and industry-leading SunAngel UltraBrite transfer media operates at low transfer temperature and is capable of producing astounding fine detail with its true non-weeding application. The range of SunAngel printers which include white and fluorescent colour models are low cost, versatile, easy-to-use and have a small footprint. Users will have no trouble finding a place for the SunAngel system in their print studio. What’s more, the system is perfectly designed for short-run personalised items meaning customers can be offered a more bespoke service for low volume orders.

Producers are already seeing the benefits to their business of investing in the SunAngel system; here is a typical user comment:

“We have been really impressed with the ease of use of the SunAngel system, the process is easy and straightforward plus the white images it produces are outstanding. I cannot believe how much time and effort we are saving compared to the other processes available. The system has paid for itself within our first few orders.”

Aside from the impressive cost and ease-of-use benefits for standard colours, SunAngel is also able to offer users the ability to print in fluorescent colours and white. Vivid in regular daylight, but under UV lighting the effect is sensational – garments for nightclubs, discos and bars will dazzle – don’t settle for ordinary.

With the SunAngel brand’s ongoing success, business is rapidly expanding across Europe and the USA with distributors appointed in many countries and more planned for 2015.

For more information call 01749 685680 or visit www.sunangelimaging.com

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