It’s all happening at Resolute DTG in 2017

Resolute’s R6 industrial DTG printer
Resolute’s R6 industrial DTG printer

A big brother to the R-Jet5, computer to screen with hybrid printing, printing dark polyester without pre-treatment and flexible UV prints – it’s all happening in 2017.

In 2016 there were many rumours about the big brother to the R-Jet 5, the Resolute R6. The R6 industrial DTG printer is scheduled to launch at Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2017, this multi-function industrial printer is yet again raising the bar as did the R-Jet 5 back in 2013 at FESPA London.

The Resolute R6 gets its break neck production speeds by using 12 channels of industrial piezo print heads, coupled with its three axis flatbed design allows for true multi-function printing. With a DTG print area of 700x500mm it offers the single largest print area for in-line production DTG printing currently available at these speeds.

Why so big? The R6 has been designed to work in a production printing environment, while it is a very fast high quality DTG printer it is also a high speed direct to screen maker. When fitted with a tri lock system or the relevant screen clamps for your automatic press, screens are produced pre-registered within very tight tolerances not visible to the human eye without magnification. With a density of 4.0 the UV blocking ink used by the R6 gives better results than film, with the cost of producing an average screen down to less than 10p and taking only 40 seconds it is also very economical to run.

The R6 hybrid printing capabilities set it aside from other similar systems

The custom shirt bed that fits most standard screen printing presses allows for the under base to be laid down traditionally in either discharge, water-based or plastisol inks with the R6 finishing the CMYK part of the print. Up to 100 dark shirts an hour with no pre-treatment its true production capabilities are revealed. The registration is so accurate it is possible to run multiple CMYK devices alongside one screen printing press to boost production to 200+ dark shirts an hour. For short runs the R6 uses CMYK + white ink in a single in-line pass producing up to 70 dark shirts an hour. With only a 30 second curing time the R6 is a very productive system with exceptionally low consumable costs.

DTG onto dark polyester with no pre-treatment

Printing dark shirts without pre-treatment has always been quoted as the holy grail for DTG. Well it is no longer a dream and will be demonstrated at Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2017 on the Resolute stand.

Seeing this print process in action is quite mesmerising, currently suited to print on demand environments where low numbers of multiple designs are printed. The average dark shirt including polyester takes less than five minutes to print from start to finish. Bearing in mind this includes the curing it’s no slouch and will already out perform many other traditional DTG printers.

If you are hungry for more information on this process, like the Resolute Ink Facebook page. The team will be posting regular updates with videos of dark shirt printing using the new process and sneak previews of the R6 before its UK launch in February 2017.

DTG printing onto dark polyester on the R-Jet 5
DTG printing onto dark polyester on the R-Jet 5

Flexible Textured UV printing

There is no doubt the MVP range of UV printers sold exclusively in the UK by Resolute have been a massive success since being introduced two years ago. The ability to print ADA compliant Braille signage onto objects from Vinyl up to 375mm thick makes for some very impressive results. New for 2017 are the F4 flexible UV inks that allow textured and flat printing to be applied to most flexible products.

Leather belts and jackets, wristbands, bottles, rubber phone and tablet cases are just a few of the things that can be printed when using the MVP with the new F4 inks.

3D Badge creation

A new product set to launch in 2017 is the ability to 3D print any shape or size badge using the F4 inks on the MVP range, this eliminates the tooling needed for producing custom shaped badges in low numbers.

Round, square, any shape or colour you like the MVP simply 3D prints it including the final design in one simple click of a button.

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