Growth and stability equals great customer support


Suppliers are a key ingredient to any business and the success of that supplier has an effect on your own success. Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has been supporting its loyal clientele for 20 years and, with the opening of its new custom built premises, this is set to continue into the future.

YES Ltd is a very well-known name around the garment decoration sector. Starting with embroidery and, more recently, adding digital garment printing to the catalogue, has put the company in a key position in the industry supporting garment decorators around the UK.

Customer is always first

The company has been involved in many major developments in both of the sectors it serves and has driven research forward giving customers key advantages over their competitors. None of this however has come at the expense of the service and support that YES Ltd is renowned for. The customer has always come first at YES Ltd and always will. A new product is never added just for the sake of it but rather because it will create an advantage for the user.

M4 and M6
M4 and M6

Take the new industrial standard M Series direct to garment printing machines from DTG Digital for instance. These are the first machines aimed at bridging the gap between the small and bulk order market providing a range that allows the user to easily serve and support both markets. The M2 is the entry level industrial model and can handle small to medium orders whilst the all new M6 gives production figures that may seem more at home in the screen-print market. This is an example of how YES Ltd looks at the market. The company sees what is needed now and then looks to what will be needed in the future. This is an attitude that has served it well over the years as well as giving its customers an edge that is always welcome in a competitive industry.

New features and additions

The same can be said for embroidery with a new machine from the world leading SWF brand, the KN-Series, just being launched. The latest version of this much loved machine may not look that different but it has a host of new features many of which are due to the input of YES Ltd. What is important here is that many of the new additions are not for cosmetic purposes but rather to increase productivity and profit for its users.

To ensure that capital purchases such as these machines are supported as best as possible YES Ltd also supplies a range of software and consumables to make certain that production is kept at an optimum. Add into this mix the service and support side delivered by a specialist team of technicians and you can see why this company has been at the forefront of this industry for over 20 years.


A new chapter

To further its commitment to customer care YES Ltd has just invested in a purpose built 17,000sq ft (approx.) headquarters which will bring all departments together and allow the company to employ extra staff to cope with the ever increasing workload. This move marks a new chapter in the story of YES Ltd and it is one that will continue demonstrating the success the company has seen over the past 20 years. It is the result of hard work and seizing the moment. As someone once said: “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” And that is exactly what YES Ltd has done.

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