Grow your revenue while keeping costs down

OKI Pro7411WT
OKI Pro7411WT

In business we all have one thing in common, creating revenue growth while at the same time keeping control of costs and capital investments. For that reason alone it’s worth investigating TheMagicTouch image transfer process and understanding how it complements DTG printers in assisting users to offer more than just T shirts.

The personalisation and short-run market continues to grow and will continue to as garment decorators are more active in creating business as a direct result of supplying a sample for evaluation. The future orders may be smaller but are certainly more profitable.

TheMagicTouch offers affordable digital print solutions for the personalisation and decoration of garments and promotional items, many of which are not possible using any DTG. The toner transfer process also offers the ability to easily decorate shirt sleeves, collars, bags and caps quickly and economically. The transfers are compatible on any colour textile including cotton, polyester, nylon, leather, polypongee, denim, performance fabrics and high vis workwear.

Digital printers available include the award-winning Pro7411WT printer with its unique

white-toner compatibility with all nine different TMT transfer papers making it the most versatile digital printer ever. Now available at less than £2,000. Not really a capital investment when you consider it comes with a three year warranty.

The latest single-step T.One transfer paper enables the user to print full colour (including white) designs to any pastel, white or non-dark garment/textile regardless of colour or textile composition. The transfer is applied at 140°C to avoid any scorching or heat press marks on the garments. The printed transfer is then sealed using the supplied silicon sheet for outstanding wash durability and great feel.

Contact TheMagicTouch direct to arrange a demonstration of this unique and established technology.

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