Great bags for carrying sports gear


The 21st century sports bags symbolise sport, lifestyle and fashion. Many items are needed in any sport and it is important to have accessories that allow us to carry our sport equipment wherever we go.

ROLY, just like the big brands, has among its collections smart bags for travel and transportation, resistant to travel in style, keeping safe our personal items and sports equipment.

With durable, comfortable and easy to use backpacks and technical bags, you can find the perfect size to carry everything you need to practice your favorite sport, for long walks or excursions.

HAMELIN is an all-purpose string bag, 100% polyester with dimensions 34x42cm, cords of adjustment to the back, metallic eyelets and special for sublimation.

STRIKER is a 100% polyester sports bag with double strap and hanging zippered front pocket. It has a reinforced separate compartment for shoes, anti-humidity and studs at the bottom, and is made in two sizes.

The TURBO bag with a cylindrical design is made of 100% polyester with nylon handles, side zipper compartment (28x56cm).

These three models are some of the examples ROLY has in its collection.

The design of these items is performed by highly skilled professionals, choosing both the materials used and the qualities of these, considering the expected final product functionality, determined by the characteristics and liking of people who will use them.

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