Graphics One introduces Go Fuze liquid

Go Fuze Dye-Sub to Cotton liquid solution is the latest addition to Graphics One’s range of dye sublimation products.

The liquid solution can be used with virtually all brands of dye sub inks. It uses patent-pending polymer chemistry, which allows standard dye sub ink to fuse to cotton fabric.

Any dye sub printer will be capable of imaging transfers for use with both polyester and cotton using the Go Fuze liquid.

The liquid works through an easy pre-treat process using either a hand spray method or pre-treat machine. Once the garment or fabric is sprayed and dried, dye sub inks can then be transferred in a normal dye sub workflow utilising standard dye sub paper with a heat press. In addition to transfers, users can also print directly to the fabric. Of course, the ink must be cured by heat for the fabric to be usable.

Dan Barefoot, vice president, said: “Our Go Fuze solution was developed in conjunction with our FabriMate dye-sub-to-cotton solution. Our R&D team discovered that the Go Fuze liquid would work with virtually any dye sub ink brands, including our Go SubliMate and Go FabriMate ink families.”

Go Fuze will available in the spring through the Graphics One distribution network.

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