Golfing style

The pattern featured on this jumper featured heavily in Glenmuir’s A/W 2014 collection
Funky prints and bright colours now take centre stage in Glenmuir’s S/S 2019 collection

With the golf season in full swing, Mikhel Ruia, managing director of golf brand Glenmuir, shares his thoughts on golfing fashion.

Q) Do you think golfwear can ever be fashionable?

A) I very much do. Golf fashion has changed over the years, if you look at the average golfing outfit even five years ago vs. what it is today it has completely evolved.

This is in terms of colours, fabric technology and design and fit. Generally golfers have become less conservative on the golf course and the large sportswear brands as well as fashion brands really have embraced golf as being a sport which requires high performing products which look good and are comfortable to wear.

Q) Has the perception of golfwear changed in recent years? If so, from what to what?

A) The perception has changed and it is seen less as a stuffy sport and is now more accessible for larger and younger audiences, which is great for the next generation of golfers. The same applies to golfwear.

Q) What fabric or design trends do you see entering this market during the next 12 months?

A) We are seeing a lot of quite funky prints and bright colours being used in golfwear. Golfwear seems to be focused on performance fabrics with wicking and anti-UV properties.

Glenmuir focuses on natural fibre products as well as performance fabrics to products elegant golfwear for the female and male golfer.

We are inspired by our 130 year heritage while embracing contemporary trends which are build very much with the Glenmuir customer in mind.

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