Goldstar introduces new mini catalogue

The front cover

A new gift set and 10 special offers are among the exciting features of Goldstar’s new mini catalogue 2019 – The Art of Simplicity.

In the new Mix and Match Gift Set, customers can combine two products of the Bowie range (ballpoint pen, stylus pen or mechanical pencil) and pick any colour they want at a very attractive price.

Significant discounts on larger orders of several popular pens and 10% extra free on quantity orders of the Crosby Three Amigos Gift Set are among the many specials offers in the stylish 20 pages catalogue.

The Art of Simplicity is more than a reflection of the classy monochrome, minimalist look and the designs featured which celebrate ‘the subtle art of decoration’ and ‘keeping it simple’. It also captures Goldstar’s approach to business, notably its hassle-free all-inclusive pricing and its customer service.

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