Is the GOCCOPRO a money maker?

Each month find out more with Derek Muller of GOCCOPRO UK.

Q) How can a GOCCOPRO make me money?

A) A GOCCOPRO is easy to use. It does away with the need to lots of space, mess, chemicals, technical know how. The GOCCOPRO is a new system that makes light of making screens at high quality and incredible detail while removing the need for expensive skills.

On the QS200 you stretch your screen on a re-usable frame. You put the frame in a machine and hit print on your computer… just like a simple inkjet. A couple of minutes later your screen is made. Print the job then scrape off the excess ink. Remove the screen then go have a cup of tea… or better still print another job… or sell another job.

You will cut the screen making time dramatically saving on labour. You will not need to fix any pin holes. You will be able to print delicate detailed jobs you would previously not have done. Some people still think that you can get a lot of manual screens made for the cost of a new machine however your work flow and business will grow with a new cutting edge system that will bring in additional revenue

Q) Are there other applications that the GOCCOPRO can be used with?

A) I am very excited to say we are now mashing up a different print system. We are developing a system to screen print the adhesives onto digitally printed transfers which is amazing and will provide new information as soon as. We also have a great new system that lets you screen print the under base white for DTG printing. This will really bring the costs down and remove some printing challenges all DTG printers seem to have.

So today have a look at our video and watch this space for more exciting news coming your way.

Thanks for more information on the GOCCOPRO 100 please call 01341 654 4304 or e-mail

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