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Q)We have been running this question session for a while now and today we thought we should ask what is happening with trends and screen printing around the UK.

A) Well what I think the most pressing thing is the new videos I have just added to our  YouTube channel. Oh and the new posts I have just added to our Facebook page. Oh oh and the new tweet I have just put out there and the web page I have updated… Wow it’s hard work marketing things in this world today isn’t it? Then if you don’t do one of these marketing things you feel bad… like you are going to lose out! Oh no the pressure of it all!

I guess that sums up just what is happening I see happening around the UK, we are all travelling 100 miles an hour fitting in all this stuff. It’s like everyone wants to have the latest system to decorate and make their lives easy because that’s what the salesman says. It will be so easy! Well I think we all know that some of it will be easy but every new system will take a little time and practise to get it right and to produce a good job.

We here at GOCCOPRO sell these easy to use screen making screen printing systems and it is easy if you have a little practice. You can also make it hard for yourself. take on a difficult job before you have mastered the system. Buy another system so you don’t have time to perfect the one you have… and so the list goes on.

I personally think the new QS200 GOCCOPRO is an amazing piece of equipment which can solve professionals’ challenges and can provide great financial returns but you may need to invest a little time and marketing to show just how amazing it is. Too often customers try and move on to the next thing. Screen printing works, it has done so for many years and our system works. In our fast paced world often we as business people just move on before we really get it and that is what I think is happening in the world The customers I see succeeding are really getting into the equipment they have invested in and it pays dividends.

Perhaps you really only need to be great at one thing and your business will prosper because you can spend quality time with that one thing. Leave the race behind.

So if you think that’s all true then it’s time you watched the YouTube QS200 two colour videos, then like them on our Facebook page and send me a tweet telling me you are ordering the one great system that can replace all your other ones.

I’m waiting!!

For more information on the GOCCOPRO 100 please call 01341 654 4304 or email sales@goccopro.co.uk

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