GOCCOPRO, are you missing out?

Each month find out more with Derek Muller of GOCCOPRO UK.

Q) So Derek what first attracted you to becoming the UK distributor for the GOCCOPRO, an area of business you have not really been involved in before?

A) That’s a good question and I realise that today I would have the same answer now, as I would when I started three and a half years ago. I love its simplicity. I love how it’s so easy to use. I love the exceptionally quick turnaround times. I love the efficiency of the whole system. I love how easy it is to make money. I love how a complete screen printing novice can print amazing quality images with just 10 minutes training. I love how a professional garment decorator can integrate this system easily with their existing ones.

What I didn’t realise was how the screen-printing business has become so entrenched in its ways, probably because that was all that could be done with the old ways. The GOCCOPRO gives amazing fine detail which means you can offer more variety to your customers, more detail to their brand. You can give your customers so much more than they expect and in today’s market that is what brings in more orders.

Q) What would you say is the number one selling point about a GOCCOPRO?

A) One thing is hard to give, but how about I give you three!

It’s so easy to make the screen – artwork on your computer, press print and 1.5 mins later you have a screen.

It’s so quick – from artwork on the computer to the first printed item can be less than five minutes. WOW I am always amazed even when I’ve heard that so often.

Its’s so clean – ok so we still use wet ink but there are no chemicals there is really no wash up. It only takes two minutes when you’re finished to tidy up.

Did I mention I love it, not just for all the reasons above, but also for its creativity. We don’t mess about in videos, to show how great this system is we just make the screen and then print. If you look at the artwork we have printed onto the bag in the video it’s amazing.

So as it says on the video title SO EASY, IT WOULD BE STUPID NOT TO HAVE ONE.

Thanks for more information on the GOCCOPRO 100 please call 01341 654 4304 or email sales@goccopro.co.uk

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