A giant leap forward for embroidery in 2018

Approval design sheet

Wilcom successfully launched its much-anticipated EmbroideryStudio e4 suite this year. Just 10 months on, the company is already gearing for the next major update which includes new digitising features for both fashion and logo markets, as well as shop productivity improvements. Notably, existing ES e4 customers will receive this update absolutely free.

Along with a number of new features, there are significant enhancements to existing EmbroideryStudio e4 Elements including four new ones.

A sneak-peak into a few new features or enhancements for EmbroideryStudio e4 suite and Elements includes:

  • New string stitch.
  • Sculpture run stitch enhancements.
  • Contour stitch enhancements.
  • New offset fill.
  • Flexi split for complex fill objects.
  • New advanced motif run with graded motif size and spacing.
  • New parallel offset with open objects.
  • Custom sequin shapes and hole positions.
  • Pattern stamping for twin sequin objects.
  • Cording effect display.
  • Updated design library.
  • Auto-digitising enhancements.

Two brand new products are also scheduled for a January release and they could change the way your embroidery business operates.

EmbroideryStudio e4 Ordering is a low-cost solution which enables the expansion of your embroidery functions to typical non-embroidery teams. Quotes can be generated quickly, accurately and delivered to customers on high-resolution product images. This increases customer confidence resulting in faster approvals with every job.

Managing embroidery designs has never been this efficient. You can find, group or sort customer designs in seconds with the advanced search and indexing tools. Your team can even track and check the production status and add valuable job details, all to be stored safely within the .EMB design file. There is no need to install and manage a separate database.

There are also a host of other features available in EmbroideryStudio e4 Ordering which empowers the support team. The embroidery experts can then focus their time and energy on production.

These include:

  • Creating quotes and customer approval sheets.
  • Managing job order status.
  • Showing designs in locations on garments with quantities in a colour and size matrix table.
  • Creating new colour variations of designs.
  • Logging requests for digitising new designs.
  • And much more.

EmbroideryConnect is the exciting new solution to enable wireless design transfer capabilities to virtually any USB-ready embroidery machine. Whether you use a Tajima, Barudan, Happy, ZSK, SWF or any other brand, this is the answer.

WiFi USB Stick

Connections are now hassle free. There is no longer a need for serial ports or design spoolers, different interface methods or special wiring. Simply install EmbroideryConnect on your Windows WiFi networked PC, plug the compatible WiFi USB Stick into a machine, and your design is ready to go.

If you have multiple embroidery machines, just insert a compatible WiFi USB Stick into each one. EmbroideryConnect will allow you to select the desired machine and send the design ready to be stitched out.

Even if you have multiple EmbroideryStudio e4 systems on your network, they are all able to wirelessly send designs to any available EmbroideryConnect machine.

2018 is the year of wireless, low-cost embroidery and will prove to be another step forward for Wilcom and a giant leap for embroidery-kind.


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