Get your artwork from PC to printer fast

Scan, send, print. GPS PrintStation is the quickest way to get artwork from your PC to your Brother DTG machine.

You can finally retire the USB stick because your entire design library is just a scan away from being printed. GPS PrintStation enables you to create barcodes from your design names, which can then be scanned any time at your Brother GTX or GT3 printer to quickly send production ready designs to the machine.

Ensure you get the highest print quality on every type of material and garment colour by pre-configuring your print settings. With full access to the settings available within the Brother printer driver, you can name and save all your commonly used print settings so that your colours always appear bright and vibrant no matter which media type you’re printing on. GPS PrintStation supports ARX4 and AR3 files for your pre-configured designs, or you can also scan a PNG image and assign a desired setup file to send to the printer.

Take advantage of the speed that barcoding offers while significantly reducing human error at the same time. With production being as simple as a scan, GPS PrintStation results in less labour required per print, faster operator training time, and fewer misprints.

GPS PrintStation is available now through AJS Embroidery Services.

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