Get to know your backings

Super Easy Tear Backing

ETC Supplies is one the leading suppliers of embroidery backings to the printwear industry. The company has a vast range of products to choose from and something suitable for everyone and every type of machine.

Take for example ETC’s Super Easy Tear Backing. This is a unique backing available only from ETC Supplies. This product is made by welding the special fibres together, giving an outstanding stability with easy close tear all around. This backing is great for use on cottons, jersey and fleece, as well we towels, napkins and socks.

Also available from ETC Supplies is the ETC Soft & Strong Cut Backing. The cut away range has been developed by ETC Supplies for use on difficult fabrics and designs, including multi stitch jobs and weak fabrics. It is ideal for designs with borders and lettering. A little more effort will result in a great finished job.

Other backings in ETC’s range include; ETC Multi Easy Tear Backing, ETC Soft & Easy Tear Backing, ETC Fifty-Fifty Tear Backing, ETC Strong & Stiff Tear Backing, ETC Super Spun Cut Backing and ETC Waffle Easy Tear Backing.

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