Get the most out of your sporting activity

S277M Men’s Hooded Tee-Shirt Jacket

RESULT’s leading activewear brand SPIRO offers a range of men’s team, sports, fitness and active leisure wear which are ready to brand.

Key to the range, the S277M Men’s Hooded Tee-Shirt Jacket is a super stretch lightweight T shirt jacket hoodi in printed melange fabric with ergonomic seams to allow natural movement. It makes an ideal layer garment and is available in sizes S-3XL in grey/black.

SPIRO’s new sock range which include the S293X 3-Pack Mixed Sneaker Sports Socks, S294X Technical Compression COOLMAX Sports Socks and S295X 3-Pack Mixed Stripe COOLMAX Sneaker Socks give fitness enthusiasts top-to-toe technical performance to let them get the most of out their sporting activity.

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