Get your slice of the golf apparel action

Embroidering the golf shoe

The UK has over 3,000 golf clubs and in 2014 golf accounted for about 14% of the UK’s consumer spend on sport, and golf equipment and clothing was worth £939 million in consumer spend, as reported by Sheffield Hallam University’s Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC)

As a garment decorator these statistics should make you sit up and take notice. With a wide range of products and popular brands available in this industry there are many opportunities to add value by embroidering club logos, tournament event and individual personalisation.

One of the products that accounts for significant spend in this sector are golf shoes. With the correct embroidery machine and framing system you could win significant business by offering embroidery on golf shoes.

The finished product

Successful embroidery on golf shoes, and any other shoe type, requires a robust and accurate machine and a well-designed shoe frame to hold the product in place whilst being embroidered. ZSK offers a specialist shoe frame for their Sprint and Racer series machines that firmly clamps the product in position during stitching, which when combined with the adjustable presser foot that accommodates different fabric thickness that avoids damaging and marking the product, allows you to create superior quality embroidery.

Stocks technical hint for embroidering on golf shoes:

Golf shoes are constructed using glue, this can stick to the machine needle when embroidering and cause thread brakes – to avoid and to reduce this problem coat your machine needles lightly with oil.

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