Get environmentally friendly in this organic cotton polo shirt

OK020 polo shirt
OK020 polo shirt

Currently there is a big market niche for environmentally friendly clothing as all generations are more conscientious about saving our plant. This is because they are more ecologically aware about how people are damaging the planet and what they must do to prevent this. Many people are interested in decreasing their carbon footprint therefore buy products that have raw materials that already have or can be recycled. They are also interested in how much pollution is produced when making the product and the quality of the product as they want the product as environmentally friendly as possible.

Okarma share these concerns and always make sure it is committed to using natural fibres as it uses organic cotton. Control Union certified, Okarma meets and often exceeds the Control Unions stringent standards with regards to organic cotton production and its subsequent use. The organic cotton used for Okarma garments is grown without the use of genetic modification, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or defoliants, there is complete traceability of the organic cotton on its journey where it’s grown on carefully selected farms through to manufacturing at the factory.

For men, Okarma offers the short-sleeved the OK020 polo shirt. Made from 100% certified GOTS and Control Union Combed and Organic Cotton which is not treated with any harmful chemicals, the garment is ‘purer’ than if it were made from conventional cotton and this makes it better quality, softer, and more comfortable to wear. Available in three colours (navy, red and royal) and sizes S-XXL.

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