Get cottoned on


Many manufacturers and brands have cottoned on to the fact consumers are becoming more aware of all things eco and that the demand is growing, by labelling their clothing eco or green or sustainable while really doing the bare minimum. Indeed, it’s increasingly difficult to tell who’s paying lip service and using meaningless but feel-good terms to further tempt buyers, and who’s actually taking a more holistic, honest and genuine approach to minimising the manufacturing impact of this business we’re all involved with in some way or another.

Mantis World is one such company that takes the business of meaningful labelling seriously. Organic just doesn’t mean the cotton. All of Mantis World’s garments presented as organic are indeed GOTS certified from start to finish and through the whole supply chain.

Tencel by Lenzing, a man-made fibre originating from wood pulp, is another eco-fabulous fibre which has won environmental awards and adulation – and features in the Mantis womenswear range in beautifully draping, soft and fluid vests and Ts. Mantis men and womenswear isn’t about fast fashion but paying care and attention to style and both the credibility and longevity of its styling. Mantis World also insists that each and every manufacturer it deals with has a water treatment plant so that any water used in the dying process is clean and purified of dyes and chemicals before being released back into the environment.

Mantis World believes it’s quite simply the right thing to do.

The babywear sector and customer is also leading the way in another aspect of eco-consciousness, namely the demand for environmentally aware products. We’re not talking tree-hugging, sack-cloth- swaddled infants here either; this is all about folk wanting what’s best for baby while also being best for the planet. There’s something very right about organic babywear; something comforting about knowing that the cotton wasn’t grown with potentially nasty chemicals or fertilisers, and grown in such a way as to minimise harm to the environment or indeed delicate baby skin.

For Mantis World, the company behind Babybugz, the desire to do the right thing by the planet and the folk that make the brand’s garments is amazingly strong. Its range of organic cotton babywear is all approved to the GOTS; one of the world’s most respected and acknowledged certification standards for organic textiles, and to Oeko-Tex (class 1) governing the use of chemicals. The team also insist on water treatments plants at each of their partner manufacturers to cleanse the water post any dye-process and prior to being returned to the outside environment.

The Babybugz team believes that if something has to be made, then it should be made well and, with an ever increasing customer base and high-value sales growth, it’s certain others agree. As for the scratchy sack-cloth images? Forget them! This is super soft, smooth, gorgeously stretchy and well-thought-out modern babywear that’s well proven in decoration terms and, as the team know only so well from their customer presentations and feedback, is guaranteed to raise a smile from decorators, brands, parents and perhaps even the littlest ones themselves.

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