Get 2017 off to a better start with Beaver Paper & Graphic Media

pandpHappy holidays from all of us at Beaver Paper! At this time of year, many are pondering New Year’s resolutions. In the print business, folks are sighing with relief that we made it through the rush unscathed and planning ways to improve our business, products and bottom line. Don’t want to be haunted by any ghosts of the past.

For many printers, this raises the question… how do I get into the cutting-edge world of sublimation? It’s clearly the wave of the present and future, but where do I begin? Truth is, the best first step is to locate a reputable paper seller, one who can explain all your options and provide sound advice as to which printers, inks and papers are best for your products. You need a professional who can put you in touch with a seasoned, reputable dealer based on your needs and location.

Atlanta-based Beaver Paper has been in the business for almost 40 years, longer than just about anyone. Its in-house lab technicians are constantly researching, developing and testing to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and versatility. The company offers a broad suite of top-of-the-line transfer papers to meet any need, from apparel, fashion and other soft substrates, to promotional items, light boxes and trade show exhibits, signage and banners, mugs, flags, awards, jewellery, apparel, mouse pads and more. Sizes range from desktop to 126in wide, with larger rolls available upon request, and weights from 58 to 150gsm. Each is engineered to prevent cockling, blowouts and ghosting (ghosts, too!). Beaver Paper’s ProTex thermal transfer tissue protects your heat press by preventing surplus gasses from contaminating your flatbed or calender rollers.

Kick off your year with the best. Call Beaver Paper today to guarantee there aren’t any humbugs in your 2017.


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