Geiger’s John Beirne volunteers to administer COVID-19 vaccine

John Beirne volunteers for St. John’s Ambulance

Geiger’s own John Beirne has stepped up to help save lives as part of his ongoing volunteer work for St. John’s Ambulance.

He has been trained and actively involved in vaccinating people and as of April 26 he had given more than 100 hours of his time towards vaccinating over 100 people in several vaccination centres across London.

He is about to undergo training on drawing up the vaccine to get even more people into vaccination centres because at the moment only qualified healthcare professionals are able to do it.

In the past, Mr Beirne has provided training to the Geiger team to provide first-aid help in emergency situations.

Vicky Kinasz, managing director, said: “John is truly leading our team in our commitment to going the extra mile! He is determined to make the world around him a safer place and we are honoured to be able to support him in this endeavour.”

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