Garments that blur the boundaries between casualwear and sportswear

Women’s Sweat T
Women’s Sweat T

The boundaries between casualwear and sportswear are continuing to blur, with a massive growth in demand for clothing that offers a studio-to-street look to satisfy our modern lifestyles.

The market for garments that can be pulled on post-gym and that look perfect for less sweaty, social situations is undeniably in ascendency; high street retailers including traditional sports and (non-sports) fashion brands alike are almost all embracing the look with sport-inspired fashionwear.

This new mega-trend is all about mixing fashion with wearability: looking good while being comfortable – which is something that we can all appreciate and has much potential within the own market sector from gyms to dance groups, from e-tail fashion-focused own brands to surf schools.

Mantis’ Women’s Sweat T, brand new and totally unique in the printwear market, is a gorgeous hybrid of a T and a sweatshirt, with rolled-back short sleeves, wider neckline and relaxed fit which is as equally as perfect downward-dogging or upwardly moving in the style stakes. The Women’s Loose Fit Sleeveless Hood also provides fabulous opportunities; ideal for work-out cool downs or beach-related cover ups with its raw edge detailing, relaxed look and large decoration area.

As with all Mantis styles, they’re ethically certified too. Looking good has surely never felt so good.

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