The future is looking colourful for Wilflex

Candy Skull printed with Wilflex One
Candy Skull printed with Wilflex One

This year will see Wilflex celebrate 55 years as a textile ink manufacturer, although the brand’s success is founded on being more than just that. Wilflex focuses on total ink-room management, providing the most efficient, cost-effective environment possible coupled with a customer-focused approach, to help printers win in competitive marketplaces.

The Wilflex brand of inks emerged in the early 1960s as screen printing on T shirts gained popularity for self-expression allowing the Wilflex brand to gain global recognition. Wilflex continued to make history 20 years later, when it provided design freedom allowing hundreds of colour options with the introduction of the first plastisol mixing system. Another first for the textile printing industry was the introduction of automated ink dispensing equipment in the early 1990s. Ink room solutions now also includes IMS3.0, a cloud based software providing formula and inventory management for the entire family of Pantone-approved Wilflex colour mixing systems.

Working as hard as you do

Wilflex One is the latest innovation for printers and brand owners needing non-pvc  plastisol inks that perform to rigorous testing and aesthetic requirements in the market today. Wilflex One works as hard as you do. Just like a sprinter or a long distance marathon runner, this system is ready for any size production run, even in the harshest environments. Formulated without PVC, Wilflex One still prints and cures like a traditional plastisol, giving you the freedom to perform.

Wilflex One is just the latest addition to the Wilflex range of textile inks, and stands in line with Oasis; a complete line of textile water-based inks designed to meet the needs of screen printers around the world. From high opaque, soft hand inks to contemporary fashion driven effects, Wilflex Oasis brings together superior technology, world-wide distribution and the best technical support team in the business. Printing with Wilflex Oasis inks means more open screen time, reduced waste and soft, vibrant, durable prints, all whilst meeting regulatory requirements and optimizing production.

Wilflex EPIC Rio Superhero
Wilflex EPIC Rio Superhero

Industry-leading product range 

Of course, the product line-up wouldn’t be complete without EPIC; the long-established industry-leading product range by Wilflex which has been serving the screen printing industry for many years. No matter where on the globe, or the size of the screen print shop, Wilflex EPIC inks lead the industry in product innovation, application techniques, education, compliance, and quality behind the brand.

Within the EPIC range, Wilflex had an exciting product launch last month. Visit to learn more about EPIC Rio, and let a river of colour take over your print shops.

A further initiative also launched in 2016 is the Wilflex Originals Community; an exclusive collection of printed designs, created through collaboration between independent designers, printers and PolyOne.

The designs are created to be both challenging in concept and application, yet still easy to reproduce in any production environment and should be an inspiration for tomorrow’s trends, encouraging designers to work closely with similar minded people, bringing excitement and innovation to what we do.

Wilflex caters for the industry with the following unique selling points:

  • Colour Forecasting – mainly for smaller printers as, typically, the large brands have their own colour strategists.
  • Sustainability – working with brands to develop products that comply with their sustainability promise.
  • Global Presence – Wiflex has the largest distributor network in the industry, covering all corners of the globe and 55 countries.
  • Wilflex Originals Totally Touchable
    Wilflex Originals Totally Touchable

    New Innovation Centre – one of the best in class for the screen printing industry.

  • New Products – robust new product development cycle.
  • Wilflex thinks like printers.
  • Wilflex’s people are trained, experts in their field.
  • The Wilflex Originals community – this fosters industry collaboration bringing end users into the community.
  • Social media – Wilflex has a robust social media platform covering all main channels. The team shares observations on market developments and trends, product updates and tips, and great designs created with Wilflex inks .
  • Wilflex works with garment manufacturers throughout their development cycle to ensure the new garment is screen printable, and provides a stable substrate to print on. Wilflex pushes for insights to new fabrics, styles, etc. so it can develop products that work with these new substrates.

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