Functional, yet stylish pieces


With a catalogue of 422 designed in Paris products, there are items for every profession and occasion. SOL’S ensures that everyone within the hospitality and food and beverage industries is equipped to work in functional pieces that also remain stylish.

As shirts are a staple of the corporate wear world, SOL’S offers a large range of styles in a wide range of fabrics, fits and colours. Among the new 2018 shirts, the SOL’S BRODY HERRINGBONE LONG SLEEVE SHIRT (02102) and SOL’S LADIES BRODY HERRINGBONE LONG SLEEVE SHIRT (02103) 125gsm shirts are classic and timeless thanks to their elegant fabric and perfect fit.

Should a formal touch be needed, the SOL’S GATSBY (10598) tie provides the perfect solution. Made of 100% polyester satin and sold in black, silver and marine blue, this can be easily paired with shirts.

SOL’S also presents one of its best-sellers, the SOL’S GALA (88010) apron which is long-length, features a large front pocket with two compartments and an adjustable neckline with a metal buckle. Available in 16 vibrant colours, the apron is made of a highly resistant 240 poly-cotton blend and is washable at 60°C, making it functional and useful across a range of trades and industries.

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