Full photographic DST transfers with just one screen

The professional transfer system enables printers to produce their own production transfers profitably.

The new soft feel powder by DST enables full photographic transfers to be produced using just one screen quickly and cost effectively. 200 A4 transfers or 1,600 A7 transfers can be produced within one hour from receipt of artwork to completion.

The transfers can be applied from 115⁰C for 12 seconds onto products ranging from sportswear to bags, diaries to jackets, application onto fabrics from nylon to polyester, cotton to non-woven.

Printers throughout the UK and Ireland are upgrading to the Ricoh pro 5100s and Nano print machines with vacuum light bed as the cost effective solution for producing high quality in house DST transfers on film and paper.

Such is the versatility of the DST system that in just one pass a single screen can contain a range of individual designs contained in one basic outline shape such as embroidery look school logos house or photographic back neck labels with wash instruction and size variations. The screen stays the same – the design is changed digitally and the result is a more diverse range of options for the customer.

Soft feel + stretch + high durability = cost saving + happy customers

Come and visit GPS in beautiful Millhouse Green just outside Sheffield to see the DST transfer system in all its glory.


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