From customisation to bespoke

Ladies Long Sleeve Blouse with blue ribbon detail

Say bespoke look, think high volumes, long lead times and hassle, right? Not any more, there’s a new kid on the block and it’s called Add2, the customisation service by Disley.

Take a stock shirt and blouse, pick one of 35 shades of contrast colour, add some expert in-house needlecraft and your unique look is created! With minimums as low as 20 pieces, lead times of weeks rather than months and repeat orders as easy as the first, Add2 really does add up.

If it’s a more traditional bespoke service that you’re looking for, Disley has that covered too. Disley’s in-house design and technical team will work alongside your own to create and realise eye catching, distinctive wardrobe ranges. Fabrics can be drawn from the existing stock garment range or sourced as new according to customer requirements.

With over 65 years of garment manufacturing experience, Disley will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, support you from concept to delivery and produce the highest quality garments, all manufactured in ethically and environmentally accredited factories.

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