Friedheim embraces automation with automatic jogging system

The BASA Evolution

The BASA Evolution from Baumann relies on innovative technology instead of muscle strength and is the perfect automated solution for removing bottlenecks in high-volume cutting environments – whether for label production, packaging printing or for commercial printing.

In the standard version, as a low-cost starter version for automatic jogging, the BASA Evolution can be equipped with further options for a complete automated line. Depending on the features, the machine transfers jogged, aligned and pressed layers directly to the rear table of the high-speed cutter, to a buffer space or alternatively towards two cutters.

Proven jogging technology from Baumann and a significantly higher pressing power ensure perfectly aligned layers and thus always perfect cutting results. With high-performance bearings, optimised components and improved servo technology – high availability is granted.

The use of state-of-the-art control technology guarantees a high level of security, for now and for the future, while the newly developed user interface ensures a very easy and intuitive use.

The BASA has been developed in Germany and is manufactured at in Solms, Hessen. The use of the latest and high-quality components and technology, for example the Air Knife Technology for significantly reduced air consumption, guarantees a high reliability of the system while simultaneously, a careful handling of the resources. The most modern drive technology in combination with intelligent controls ensure easy operation and low energy consumption.

The lower cost, and smaller footprint, make this an accessible investment for any printer looking to increase efficiencies and forecast labour.

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