FREEStyler gets DTG upgrade and new under-counter LED exposure system


EXILE Technologies has announced the immediate availability of a DTG upgrade kit for the FREEStyler computer to screen system that was launched earlier this year as well as a new under-counter LED UV screen exposure unit to complement the FREEStyler.

The FREEStyler DTG option comprises a T shirt platen holder plus a set of special CMYK Water based Textile printing inks for printing on White and Light coloured garments. It also includes a post treatment spray (no pre-treatment is required). The SCREENMAKER RIP has been upgraded to include a dedicated CMYK DTG printing option complete with pre-tuned Colour Management profiles.

EXPOSE DTS is an under-counter grill-pan design UV exposure system for screens up to 80x110cm that has been built into a tabletop stand for the FREEStyler Computer to Screen system. The footprint for both screen imaging and exposure is only 95x130cm so that the combination can fit into smaller screen rooms.

With the FREEStyler DTS and EXPOSE DTS combination the DIGITAL SCREEN ROOM has become a reality.

The FREEStyler frees screen printers from having to use costly film positives. Instead the image or stencil is digitally printed directly on a normal emulsion coated screen. After imaging the screen is ready for immediate exposure under-the-counter using the EXPOSE DTS LED exposure system which has been designed specifically for computer to screen without a glass or vacuum.

The FREEStyler supports screen frames up to 66x91cm (36x26in) so any screen size that can be imaged by the FREEStyler can also be exposed by the EXPOSE DTS system.

EXPOSE DTS uses special LED bulbs that have been optimized to deliver the correct wavelength for most types of Screen emulsion. These low cost, low power bulbs use much less electricity than conventional UV exposure systems and have a very long life span. If a bulb needs to be replaced the system is modular so the bulb can be swapped out in minutes.

There is also a stand-alone desktop version of EXPOSE DTS available for customers using other computer to screen systems such as EXILE’s larger format SPYDER II direct to screen machines.

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