Fitting the bill

Lurgan and Rosheen

Crisp white Enya and Larne, classic black Torr and Nessa, sleek grey Rathlin and Cara and striking gingham Lurgan and Rosheen, there’s a feast of shirts and blouses to contemplate in Disley’s Heritage range. Male and female co-ordinating styles, short and long sleeve options and sizes ranges covering 6-30 and 14.5-21in, Disley caters for all requirements.

The hospitality brief is a demanding one. Garments needs to be eye- catching so staff are easily identifiable, they need to be low maintenance for ease of laundering, yet they also need to be hard wearing and represent good value for money. Disley’s garments will ensure that you tick all of these boxes and crucially, provide staff with a uniform that they are genuinely proud to wear.

But don’t think of Disley for just the shirts and blouses, bottom halves are catered for as well. With male and female trousers, waistcoats and ladies skirts, the Williams hospitality tailoring covers sizes 6-30 and 28-50in. Crafted using a durable, yet comfortable polyester fabric and trademark quality of manufacturing, this suiting provides the perfect partner to any shirt or blouse.

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