First European installation of Spyder II at Fashion UK

The Spyder II
The Spyder II

Fashion UK is the first company in the UK to purchase the new Spyder II direct to screen system.

The system has been successfully installed at the licensed product specialist’s premises in Leicester.

The company’s decision to purchase a Spyder II direct to screen imaging system was driven by a desire to improve image quality and simplify the screen making process. As a user of MHM presses the team opted for a Spyder II with the MHM compatible pin registration option and this has considerably reduced press setup times with precision registration from screen to screen and from screen to press.

Fashion UK has also successfully increased the quality of their printed half tones as the Spyder II has enabled them to increase screen rulings to 75lpi.


The new Spyder II DTS has a completely redesigned printhead control system which now supports the latest design phase change printheads from Fujifilm as well as a new touch screen software interface. The entire Spyder software interface has been rewritten with an improved user interface with the emphasis on functionality and ease of use.

As a result of these changes there are now several new print modes available: 600dpi, 800dpi, 900dpi, 1,000dpi and 1,200dpi resolutions are all supported and bi-directional printing has been implemented so that the SPYDER II will now print twice as fast with NO loss of image quality. This means that a typical T shirt screen image can now be produced in under a minute.

The Spyder II uses a high-density thermal wax ink, to apply artwork directly to a coated screen. This eliminates the film mask normally used, streamlining the entire screen preparation process. The Spyder II digitally places the image with absolute accuracy using a conventional tri-lock, or optional MHM compatible registration system. This eliminates human error with manual placement of film separations on multiple screens and translates into less press setup up time, and more jobs run per day.

Because the stencil is printed directly on the coated screen no vacuum is required for the exposure, and the wax ink is water soluble allowing for fast and easy wash-out.

These improvements are available as an upgrade to all existing Spyder I DTS systems.

With a Spyder 2 DTS it is now possible for a screen room to image and expose 50 or more screens per hour for the ultimate in screen room productivity.

The Spyder II got its first showing in Europe last month at FESPA in Cologne.

For more information call 01582 573980 or visit

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