Filplastic Baskets – The Snag-Free Solution for Clothing

2013 cleaned upFilplastic baskets are a fantastic alternative to traditional racking and shelving. The baskets are plastic coated, which means that fabric will not snag. They stack on top of each other with simple to use thumbscrew bolts, and moveable dividers mean that varying size compartments can be created to suit stock requirements. The baskets can also be used as a mobile order picking trolley when our wheel set is added.

Other benefits include;

  • Open mesh design so dust does not build up
  • The front lip means that cellophane wrapped items do not slip forward
  • Labels can be added to each compartment for accurate order picking
  • High visibility of stock
  • The baskets can be raised off the ground to minimise dirt

We’ve already supplied many of the major names in the clothing industry, so why not consider our baskets for your warehouse? Call for a visit, sample or brochure 01430 410450 or visit our website

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